Welcome to the Other Side.

It’s me.

Be welcome, dear Traveller, to this portal into another dimension.

You will find here stories. Many stories. Disrupting, confusing, funny or weird. Grab a coffee and lean back.

About me. My name is Vladimir Alexeev, but you can call me Merzmensch. I am passionate about diverse things: Artificial Intelligence and Art, Transmedial Storytelling and Alternate Reality Games, New Technologies and Old Legends, Disruption and Creativity.

This page will be the portal with friend links [UNDER CONSTRUCTION]. You don’t need to be a Medium member in order to read it, but this station let you in — into all my stories behind the Great Medium Paywall.

Here is a selection of my stories I cordially recommend to you. I will know me better, reading these stories.

Ongoing Series


InCaseYouMissedIt is a weekly (?) series about relevant, weird and interesting things I found “on the internets”.


“Art of Destruction — Destruction of Art”

  • Historical and hysterical ways of art destruction
  • Controversies, perspectives, hypotheses

Artificial Intelligence


(Not) Periodical Series


(Not) every Wednesday I post #MERZWOCH — some interesting Links, AI Experiments or Incidents I’ve seen last week.

#FRIDAI: World culture, AI and Mysteries of the World

In this series I co-write with Artificial Intelligence. Combining AI generated contents with Dadaism, Surrealism, Postmodernism I’m looking for the roots of our digital ontology.

Inspiring Voyeurism

Reading others’ letters. Reimaging the world. Saving the memories.

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Futurist. AI-driven Dadaist. Living in Germany, loving Japan, AI, mysteries, books, and stuff.