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  • Harald Klinke

    Harald Klinke

    Digitale Kunstgeschichte, LMU München. Editor of http://www.dahj.org #digitalarthistory #codingdurer Newsletter: http://eepurl.com/clXWOf

  • rollerbear


  • Michael R McNeely

    Michael R McNeely

    Author, Poet and Writer. Follow me here and on twitter @Poet_MR_McNeely https://www.amazon.com/Finn-Again-Begin-Michael-McNeely-ebook/dp/B07XNS8QJ5



  • Aiden Maypole

    Aiden Maypole

    I write fantasy fiction and give single claps.

  • Karl-Heinz Krachenfels

    Karl-Heinz Krachenfels

  • William R. Murray

    William R. Murray

    CEO of PostModern AI | Senior Computer Scientist, AI R & D | NLP | ML | DL | Neuro-Symbolic AI | AI & ED

  • Bektas Sari

    Bektas Sari

    Ph.D. Candidate

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