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Audio, Visual Media, Music, Text generation. With Examples and Friend-Links.

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Do you want it? A place where all potential creative tools are collected? With direct links and short explanations — for you to decide where to start your art? Well, here it is — an ongoing index of all creative uses of AI. At least those being covered by Merzazine. So without boring introductions…

Image and Video Generation

Google Deep Dream

What it does: Pattern recognition, object detecting, and re-interpreting of visual data.
Link to my article: Deep Dream comes true
Direct link: Google Colab Notebook


TokkingHeads, Artbreeder, First Order Motion Model, and other approaches.

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Meme-Animation, created by me with “wav2lip” mode of TokkingHeads.

Anima is the Latin word for “soul, breath”. According to Merriam-Webster, this word is etymologically related to Animation: “an animated film seems to have a life of its own”. This is how animation works: an animator creates the world frame by frame, and a frame sequence, rapidly played, makes an illusion of movement in our brain.

In AI Age, such animations, especially facial movements, can be taken over by the machine. There are various AI-driven approaches to animate faces.

StyleGAN interpolation

The first approach is a simple StyleGAN2 interpolation (analog to BigGAN). This method was, back to the BigGAN times, a revolutionary…

A story about an unknown world, told me by AI.

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You remember surely, this eerie feeling we had, as the musical AI-model JukeBox by OpenAI generated for me a unique soundtrack in an unknown language.

This is a story about a World in the condition of decay. Something happened. And only a few witness voices are still here to tell a story about



This movie is completely generated using various generative AI-models.

“Sunlight”, Video game Review; published in: SuperJump

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In three use cases.

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Same.energy Interface, Screenshot by author

Quid est veritas?

First, tell me, please, what is fiction and what is reality — in the context of Generative Adversarial Networks?

We’ve seen a lot of things, which hadn’t existed before its AI-driven creation. Sure, the GAN-generated images in This Person Does Not Exist or This Artwork Does Not Exist have no direct reference in the material world — they are products of knowledge and AI models training. But being transported into our world, they might get their own story, specific meaning, and particular use, leaving the Latent Space and become more real than fiction.

Indeed, you can use them for making…

An Urbex-alike photo tour.

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AfE Tower, Frankfurt (Photo by: Mastad)

If you happened to be on this day seven years ago in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, you would witness a big collapse. First, you’d hear an explosion; the whole earth would shake. Then a devastating cloud would spread around Bockenheim District. And then the silence…

2nd of February 2014.

The End of an Epoch.

AfE Tower was erected in 1972 on behalf of Goethe University in Frankfurt. A huge brutalist building, once highest in the city. It was called “AfE” (Abteilung für Erziehungswissenschaft, Department of Pedagogy), but the real Department of Pedagogy had never moved to this building. The Department was closed shortly before the…

My GPT-3 Year 2020

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Call me snobbish, call me a freak, call me n00b. There are so many Natural Language Processings models out there. Many of them are presented by fancy graphs, morphological analytics. Some models can generate a sentence in several languages at the same time. Another can rapidly translate simple messages. Some are the most efficient. Others can correctly Question&Answers games. But that’s not enough for me.

Many language models are already developed for business use, to fulfill a chatbot function, to understand a customer.

But I want a language model that is can write stories for me. Original, funny, absurd, surreal…

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Find out what this transcendental experience says to you

The anonymous man in the famous painting “Scream” by the Norwegian painter Edward Munch is not screaming. It is nature, full of silent outcry, as the full title of the painting (and lithography) reveals.

With examples, my AI-driven one — and the most essential Sitting Bernie image ever.

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Memes are wonderful. Running on a subliminal level of our perception, they trigger our emotions by addressing various cultural artifacts, crazily mixing them, even bringing entirely new meanings of well-known ideas.

Neuropsychologist N.K.Humphry, and Ethnologist Richard Dawkins (coined the term “meme” in his book “The Selfish Gene”), even supposed that memes should be considered

  • as living structures, not just metaphorically, and
  • as physically residing in the brain (Source).

Indeed, they get their own life, as we’ve seen, for example here:

The most recent — and beautiful — meme is Sitting Bernie.

The photograph Brendan Smialowski captured Bernie Sanders sitting…

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