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Audio, Visual Media, Music, Text generation. With Examples and Friend-Links.

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Do you want it? A place where all potential creative tools are collected? With direct links and short explanations — for you to decide where to start your art? Well, here it is — an ongoing index of all creative uses of AI. At least those being covered by Merzazine. So without boring introductions…

Image and Video Generation

Google Deep Dream

What it does: Pattern recognition, object detecting, and re-interpreting of visual data.
Link to my article: Deep Dream comes true
Direct link: Google Colab Notebook


With examples, my AI-driven one — and the most essential Sitting Bernie image ever.

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Memes are wonderful. Running on a subliminal level of our perception, they trigger our emotions by addressing various cultural artifacts, crazily mixing them, even bringing entirely new meanings of well-known ideas.

Neuropsychologist N.K.Humphry, and Ethnologist Richard Dawkins (coined the term “meme” in his book “The Selfish Gene”), even supposed that memes should be considered

  • as living structures, not just metaphorically, and
  • as physically residing in the brain (Source).

Indeed, they get their own life, as we’ve seen, for example here:

The most recent — and beautiful — meme is Sitting Bernie.

The photograph Brendan Smialowski captured Bernie Sanders sitting during Biden’s inauguration, lonesome, sunk into reflection, camouflaged by mask and mittens. …

2020 was in some ways okay year. Seriously

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You might probably say: “what”, or “huh?”, or “not again”, but I’m right (as always): it’s Old New Year, celebrated in Russia with Julian Calender. OK, I’m not in Russia for decades, but still celebrating both: 2x Xmas, 2x New Years. I mean, why not?

You probably missed it, but I had celebrated New Year in Kremlin once.

Some of DALL·E representations of human creativity

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DADA, Surrealism, and AI generative networks have many similarities. They evolved in the 10-20ies (1910-20ies vs. 2010-20ies). They mixed old discredited culture into something new, fresh, and unique. They disrupted the traditions and antiquated concepts of our civilization. They re-interpreted the past and created new realities.

One year ago, in January 2020 I wrote an essay about this Demiurgian capability of Artificial Intelligence:

Another Milestone in Creative AI

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Screenshot by the author (use of screenshots in this article is approved by OpenAI)

It’s the 5th of January 2021, and OpenAI reports back already with another AI breakthrough. 2020 they impacted the AI world at least with two Milestones: GPT-3, a powerful Natural Language Processing model, and a music generator JukeBox.

Driven by Transformer, these two approaches in various media created coherent and convincing outputs — as texts and as music. OpenAI also experimented with visual media — e.g., within ImageGPT.

Now a new star arises on the horizon of a generative AI approach: DALL-E. …

My very personal review with examples

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Collage by the author

The year 2020 was a weird one. Our grandchildren will ask us, “How did you get through it all?”. But if you ask me right now, my year 2020 was under a star of continuous discovery of Artificial Intelligence as a Creative Instance. I’ve been studying it very closely, and here are two introductory insights I’ve come to understand over this year:

  • No, AI will not replace creative people or “kill creative jobs” (btw, such development would indicate the quality of human creativity, don’t you think?).
  • Yes, AI definitely has the creative potential, far more than I had suspected.

Usually, my year in review consists of various highlights of works other people did. But this time, I collected the rest of the last year’s vanity (sorry, I just need it right now) and would like to show what is possible with AI: All works are done by me. …

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